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Yoga is a theory of ancient wise men, which bears mental balance and physical health. The modern practice of yoga conquered millions of admirers all over the world. They appreciate simplicity and effectiveness of an ancient methodology.
Having made yoga a part of your life, you may achieve a new level of physical and mental perfection, which gives you self-confidence and a sense of joy of life.
“As a result of wonderful yoga practice a practitioner will get beauty, daintiness and grace, power and strength, solidity and hardness of a diamond, harmony and steadiness”. The wise man Patanjali, 200 years BC.
“Yoga is freedom, love, pure, shining, smooth joy. Practice by itself is a simple collection of techniques to observe for that, which is happening here and now. These techniques lead to full attentiveness concerning all nuances, processes and forms of everything, happening at present, including our own thoughts and our freedom. By means of yoga we may develop the system of interconnection between a body, breath, feelings and thoughts. Then the body becomes the base for education”. Richard Freeman.
“A body gets health and daintiness, voice becomes pleasant and deep, eyes start shining, vigorousness and vitality appear. Flexibility develops, the integrity of the whole body comes. Mind cleans, every body sell balances”. B.K.C. Iyengar, 2001.
Yoga teaches you to be a harmonious and complete person. In order that the body and spirit are united, each of “components” must be healthy. Yoga may put them to accordance. If you haven’t realized the benefit of yoga for your inner health, believe, that it is necessary for your body to practice yoga. Quite a little time from the beginning of yoga classes will pass and you will fill facilitation, as if somebody pulls an oppressive bag of commonness off from you, how easy it becomes to breathe, how problems, which seemed to be unsolvable, become to solve.
What is the main in yoga classes? It is just to start practicing it!

  Subscription STANDARD - 250uah;
          2 times a week (8 workouts per month)

 Abonemenm Unlimited - 500uah.
       (duration of training - unlimited, covers all services fitness center)

Duration of training - 2.5 hours.

Attention! Classes at the gym includes services waterpark.

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