Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 22:00

Sunday - sanitary day

The stepper (the imitation of walk on stairs), sitting and lying bicycle ergometers, a cross training machine (orbitrek) and treadmills are represented in the fitness-club. It is a professional equipment, created on the basis of leading technologies in the sphere of ergonomics (convenience, safety, the naturalness of the loading and an exact estimation of the motion path), software (every training machine is equipped with personnel computer, which loads different fitness-programs, tests, watches the physical parameters of the client, is programmed according to the user), the design and the convenience of the control. Our number of cardio training machines is the peculiar cardio-theatre, so far as plasma televisions with the possibility to option the music, video, television programs according to your tastes are placed in front of each sports machine. The client even will not notice how the time of load execution will pass on. During the workout on the cardio training machine clients will not disturb each other, so far as every cardio training machine is completed with a proper monitor and earphones with the DVD support.
We highly appreciate our club system, which works in “Alligator”, that’s why we are going to create conditions not only for training, but also for an active rest, whish is provided by our hotel entertaining complex.

  Subscription ECONOMY - 250 uah; 
         2 times a week (8 workouts per month)

Subscription STANDARD - 300 uah;
         3 times a week (12 workouts per month)

  Subscription Unlimited - 500 USD.
        (duration of training - unlimited, covers all services fitness center)   

  Duration of training - 3 hours.

Attention! Classes at the gym includes services waterpark.


Kmit Sergey
Manager fitness center
mob.: +38 (095) 208-45-47


Kopchak Andrew