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Monday - sanitary day

   The sauna on the infra-red radiators is the most resent kind of sauna. Though the operating principle of radiators is distant from traditional electric, firewood or gas stoves, but their effectiveness and convenience have already conquered a great number of admirers all over the world.
An organism warms up into 4 centimeters in depth (in the traditional sauna it is 5 millimeters) in the IR-sauna thanks to infra-red waves, which warm up the body, but not the environment. Accordingly, sweat secretion during that direct warming is stronger in two-three times.
The most principal advantage of the infra-red sauna is a low temperature in the room with radiators. It allows people with contraindications for visit traditional sauna to stay there.
By the way, you are allowed to visit this sauna every day.
The ability to fight against excess weight and cellulite is one of the most valuable qualities of infra-red sauna. The organism spends on processes of sweat secretion and blood pumping to two thousands kilocalories during one treatment of such sauna. For comparison: a person spends only 1100 kilocalories during an hour of marathon race.
The depth of skin’s warming up in the IR-sauna promotes more effective fight against cellulite, than in the traditional Russian bath or sauna.
The infra-red sauna is very useful for sportsmen. During the visit of the IR-sauna the number of red blood cells – erythrocytes increases in the human blood, and also the level of hemoglobin rises. Accordingly, the supply of the body tissues by oxygen improves and the removal of toxins and lactic acid intensifies. A lot of European football teams and also Asian eastern single combat schools use curative qualities of the infra-red sauna during the pupils’ training.

* During the stay in the infra-red bath the time reckoning is carried out per minute.
* During the stay in the infra-red sauna the time reckoning in the Aqua Park is suspended and counted according to the infra-red tariffs.