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Monday - sanitary day

People often want to visit warm countries in order to have a rest, enjoy the sun and improve health. As the humanity tries to make a life easier and more comfortable, there is no need to fly for sunbeams and a suntan into warm countries. You may get the suntan right here, in the city, even if it is snowing and the temperature doesn’t promote sunny procedures. We mean the solarium.
There are many evidences for the benefit of the suntan in the solarium. Correlation and power of “A” and “B” ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere usually vary and depend on many factors: time of a day, season, the degree of air pollution, the latitude, the intensity of light reflection (water, snow etc.). Ultraviolet lamps, which are used in the solarium, provide balanced combination of “A” and “B” rays and completely rule out the presence of “C” gamma rays, which badly influence on the cells, that’s why there are no reasons for worring.
Scientists affirm, that cells of an organism, irradiated by ultraviolet, start to produce so-called hormones of happiness – endorphins, that’s why the feeling of calmness and happiness appears after the suntan in the solarium.
Ultraviolet rays promote the strengthening of the immune system. Ultraviolet “B” rays activate the process of producing the vitamin D3, which normalizes phosphorus-calcium exchange. It promotes muscles straitening, increases the strength of bone tissue, oppresses the growth of cancer cells, raises mental and physical working capacity, helps to fight against the depression and raises the mood.
Ultraviolet “A” rays positively influence on people with skin diseases, such as psoriasis, blackheads, fungus infections of the skin. In this case the doctor’s consultation is necessary before the visit of the solarium. People with diseases of respiratory organs are recommended to visit the solarium, but also after the doctor’s consultation.
The suntan in the solarium protects pale after winter skin from sunburns before the active summer sun or the journey to warm countries. In contrast to natural sunbaths, the time of suntan and the intensity of radiation in the solarium may be controlled according to personal qualities of skin. It completely rules out the risk of sunburns.

Per minute tariffication: 1 minute costs 2,50 UAN.

* During the stay in the solarium the time reckoning in the Aqua Park is suspended and counted according to the solarium tariffs.