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Monday - sanitary day

 Hammam – is a classical Turkish bath, whish is used for cleaning and relaxation not only in the East, but in the whole world. Hammam is organized according to primordial traditions and the procedure is carried out by experts with great experience. Hammam will become an unforgettable experiment and you will have a desire to repeat it more than once. The procedure carries the improvement of health and the rejuvenation of the body into itself, takes off the weariness, activates vitality. The main difference between Turkish baths and common for us Russian baths is a sparing temperature regimen. Hammam warms up to 30-35 degrees scope. So, even those, who don’t like or can’t bare high temperatures, may enjoy the beauty of Turkish baths.
Taking the procedure is divided into several stages. Usually at first the client is directed to the steaming room, where under the high humidity the sells of skin are steamed out and becomes moist, the toxins are removed. After such a preparation the expert starts the massage by special gloves with the use of soap cleaning solutions or peelings. The classical massage with the usa of massage oils follows the bathing and drying. Only natural cosmetics from leading producers or natural olive without any additives are used in our bath for Hammam and other procedures.
Hammam intensifies the influence of ayurvedic cosmetics. It easily penetrates into the steamed pores and positively effects on the state of skin. All useful substances are absorbed quickly and immediately come into operation. You will leave Hammam with incredibly sleek, elastic and pulled skin of all body. Moreover, the bath and the massage grant pleasant relaxation, feeling of physical and spiritual cleanness.
You may visit Hammam in the Aqua Park “Limpopo” at an affordable price.

* During the stay in the Turkish bath the time reckoning is carried out per minute.
* During the stay in the Turkish bath the time reckoning in the Aqua Park is suspended and counted according to the Turkish bath tariffs.