Tuesday - Friday 12:00 - 22:00
Saturday - Sunday
10:00 - 22:00

Monday - sanitary day

Types of the massage:

General health-improving massage (duration – 50 minutes, cost – 80 UAN).
It has curative and medicative effect, relaxes muscles, removes pain and nervous tension. Medicative effect of the massage is based on the stimulation of the blood circulation, outflow of lymph, the enrichment of cells by oxygen. The massage restores lost reflexes, improves the functioning of particular internals, positively influences on the cardiovascular system.

Back massage (duration – 30 minutes, cost – 50 UAN).

Back massage is especially urgent, when you have chronic diseases (arthritis, scoliosis, osteochondrosis). Regular massage helps to relieve sickly sensation in thoracic and lumbar spine. Beside that, the massage is an excellent prevention of nerve incarceration caused by the spine. Back massage may correct bad posture. During the massage the relaxation of back muscles comes, bloodstream improves and pain abates.

Honey massage (duration – 40 minutes, cost – 70 UAN).
It cleans the skin and gives it golden color, has rejuvenative effect. Under the influence of vitamin complex and microelements inflammatory processes are stopped, fat metabolism is normalized, sexual activity is stimulated.

Anti cellulite massage (duration 40 minutes, cost – 80 UAN).
This kind of massage improves the metabolism, promotes fat burning and also regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism of the organism. It makes skin elastic.

Peeling (duration – 40 minutes, cost – 100 UAN).
It is carried out in the Turkish bath Hammam. Peeling promotes the removal of skin’s died cells, makes it sleek and elastic. It stimulates the intensification of blood circulation, increases protective properties of the organism, slows down the aging processes, improves the work of cardiovascular system, cleans pores and takes off the weariness.

Peeling + general massage (duration – 120 minutes, cost – 150 UAN).
Peeling is carried out in the Turkish bath Hammam. After this procedure you will get a general massage in the massage room.

*during the stay in the massage room the Aqua Park’s time is stopped.